About Accessibility @ Athena ICT

Athena ICT's accessibility services are run by Lisa Seeman.
Lisa Seeman Lisa is a named contributor to WCAG 2.0 - the benchmark standard for accessibility for inclusion worldwide.  She was the initial author and editor of the Accessibility for Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) standard. WAI-ARIA is now a W3C recommendation and is becoming the basis of the accessibility layer of the internet.
She is currently facilitator for the task force for accessibility for learning and cognitive disabilities at the Web Accessibility Initiative at the W3C . She is exploring how inclusive design can include cognitive diversity, including dementia and age-related cognitive decline.
Lisa also has a good understanding of business needs and integrating accessibility to solve real business issues. She has consulted both formal and informally for many Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, HP, SAP, NASA, Wikimedia, and Google.

About Athena ICT

Athena ICT was created in May 2011 by international ICT experts to enable scientists and entrepreneurs to develop important ideas with a minimum of bureaucracy. Athena ICT's focus is on Internet and information communication technologies (ICT).
Athena is built on the philosophy of ethical intelligence and collaboration. We work with and for organizations or individuals such as researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, or business professionals.