Need accessibility?

Athena ICT has the international accessibility specialists you need.

Do you need to understand of the world of accessibility? Do you need to make apps and content accessible? Do you want your content to be usable by more people?

Athena ICT can help you avoid financial losses and fines for accessibility violations and non-conformance to local and international laws and requirements such as WCAG 2.0, ADA and section 508 .

Athena ICT is a pioneer in turning accessibility into improved usability for everyone and an Inclusive User Experience (IUX).  Our services help people whose eyesight is not perfect, who have a motor impairment or learning disability, who are immigrants struggling with a new language, or who belong to the more mature market. These people are the biggest growth markets right now, with strong ROIs. If you are not targeting them, you’re missing out.

Athena ICT partners with consortiums and organizations that have difficult accessibility problems to solve. We are always interested in pioneering research projects. If you are a design or accessibility consulting firm, you can outsource key accessibility topics to us.

No one understands accessibility better than we do. In fact our staff are key contributors to standards such as WCAG 2.0 and ARIA. But we also understand corporate needs and realities. We are on your side.

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